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I like subtle points, like the pubes coming out of his pants and how he snores skulls.

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Comick responds:

Thanks for noticing the details! :)

I remember reading this one on House of Squid, are planning on animating the one where the guy goes clubbing with tape on his head? That one got me pretty good.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

i like that one too, but its not top of my list of ones to do.

LOL dat ending

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Pretty addicting trying to get to that 70, but it's challenging and not impossible! Well done.

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Great idea, reminds me of Terraria, are you considering making an updated version of this game?

GhostID responds:

Thanks! No I gave up with flash, I now program in java :P. I am, on the other hand working on a new game called fault . You should check it out :) I have videos on my youtube channel *teamghostid* or better yet, just go check out my website and click on the link from there. XD
Thanks for your support!

Despite it's flaws, I really enjoyed this, the simple controls and skill based challenges, the stick/jump was actually fun mastering imo.

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I'll never understand 90's music, but this sounds good, well done.

EuphoriaSound responds:

Haha :p

That is so sick at 1:10 ish where the choir comes in, what samples did you use? I feel like there were some films in there, but I have no ideas which.

kaneman responds:

Thanks man.

I used 3 samples.
All the quotes "we should reeve the enemies of god" "god wills it" "holiness is in right action" ect. were all from the movie Kingdom of Heaven. An amazing movie, great battles and plot line, which is rather historical describing the times when Jerusalem fell back to the Muslims under Saladin from the Christan crusader state of the Kingdom of Jerusalem. I suggest watching it. Theres also some string instruments from the soundtrack in there.

Next is my own song Until Rapture: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/515750
I used it for the drums and all other electronic sounds.

The last is the choir that you liked which is Fauré Cantique de Jean Racine's Op 11. Youtube it, great sound.
I should also note that the name "Deus Vult" means "god wills it".

The intro is pretty sick, I like the reverb and chorus effect on the pulse waves. What program is that? I like the 8bit effects alot.

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kaneman responds:

I made this song with mixcraft 6. Good program. Ive moved on to Fruity loops 11 now. I can do more with it than I ever could with mixcraft. Glad you liked the songs.

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I was a scene girl once...

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Beautiful work, the detail is amazing! Well done

I like your style, especially the facial exaggerations you do, definitely one of my favorite artists on here.

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