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Entry #2

Taking Video Game Remix Requests!!!

2013-03-03 19:50:21 by Solfias

I've been on a creative block lately, so in an attempt to keep progressing my skills, I'm going to try and remix some video game songs, if anyone has any requests just let me know!

Taking Video Game Remix Requests!!!


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2013-03-29 19:22:28 Army men World War, Beach assault theme.

Solfias responds:

I will get on it asap!


2013-04-24 09:50:37

Sonic 3, Flying Battery Act 1.

Solfias responds:

DUDE, so much nostalgia from reading that, I remember I used to restart S&K after beating the boss just to hear that song again, you got it!


2014-05-26 13:51:42

If you're still doing these, how about a remix of the bowser theme from super mario 64?


2015-04-24 13:30:33



2017-05-28 04:06:06

Dont mind if i use 2 songs?

1. The wheel of fortune turning over

2. Pierrot of the star-spangled banner