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Growing Older

2013-02-23 02:22:54 by Solfias

Damn, I can't believe it's been 3 years already since I made this account. Not sure if anyone will actually read this, but if you do your a trooper. It's funny how no matter how long you've been making something, no matter how much better you know you will get, a certain narcissism arises when listening/observing your work, even if it's the sound of a dick slapping a door knob with a drum loop behind it, if it's something you pour your heart into, you never feel completely safe or secure letting the rest of the world experience it. I suppose that's the whole point of being an artist (or so I pretend to), to take that step of expressing yourself at the risk of utter annihilation, either mentally or physically. To all of you who read this, and to all of you who support NG and bring your talent here for the world to enjoy, I salute you.

"Even when you walk a lonesome road, know that a thousand others are treading the same path as you"

- Eskander Zakarias

Growing Older


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2013-03-10 06:38:04

Sometimes I feel the exact same way :\
Look, here's something you could do to get your music out there and to make a name for yourself: 4