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2015 Submissions

FF7 Shinra Co. (Solfias Remix) Dubstep Song
Omnia (Raw Mix) Dubstep Song
Omnia (Dance Dub Loop) Techno Loop
Fortis et Liber Classical Loop
Upriser Fighter (Boss Battle) Video Game Loop
Come On Up(Solfias Remix) Dubstep Song
Final Moments (Piano OST) Solo Instrument Song
Fenix Phire (Prev) Drum N Bass Song
BLOOM! (Original Mix) Dubstep Song
Dust (WIP) House Song
Take Over Console (Cont.) Dance Song
Puffins fight for you WIP House Song
Patience (Ambient Loop) Ambient Loop
Pulcher (Boss Battle) Drum N Bass Song
Alichino (WIP) Dance Song
Gimmicks (NATA Cut) Dubstep Song
Night of Dragons (8-bit) Video Game Song
My Ringtone Drum N Bass Loop
lacrimosa Caelum Classical Song
Mach Melder (Orignal Mix) Dance Song
Lady Killer (NG Cut) Techno Song
Take over Console NG Cut Dance Song
Guilt (Original Mix) Dance Song
Beat is Coming RMIX Fixed Dance Song
Please Savior Realize WIP Dance Song
Intro Stage X4 WIP Dance Song
Hope for the Weak Techno Song
Envy (Original mix) Trance Song
Ah Dee Oh! (WIP) Drum N Bass Song
My Burning Sky Above Classical Song
Positive Force Dutch Haus Dance Song
Cradle of Ashes (NG Cut) Dubstep Song
Beat is Coming RMX WIP Dance Song
Cyberpunk (OST) Video Game Song
Synthetic Alternative General Rock Song
Gimmicks (NG Cut) Drum N Bass Song
Bass Fisher (WIP) House Song
Nephilim (NG Cut) Dubstep Song
Sanctum (Boss Fight loop) Video Game Loop
Orphan - Solfias Dubstep Song

2011 Submissions

Gnostic Trance Song